5 Secrets to Slowing Aging

Slowing aging seems like an exercise in futility. But according to Kelly Traver, a Physician and Professor at Stanford University, “A few lifestyle changes and you can look ten years younger, feel better and get your energy back!”

  1. Stay Active – engage in physical activities or sports and add it to your regimen.

  2. Stay Sharp – 30 minutes of Aerobic exercise can enhance growth of new brain cells

  3. Look Younger – sleep more hours and revamp your skin care routine

  4. Feel Younger – Do yoga, lift weights and take fish oil supplements

  5. Feel More Energetic – Get your thyroid checked if you feel drained most of the time, cut down on drinking and get a full sleep evaluation.

With a bit of effort and a little lifestyle detour, rejuvenation is not far fetched!

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