15 Plants that Can Be used as Air Purifiers

NASA Researchers have proven that house plants can purify and rejuvinate air within houses and workplaces.

In a separate study, rooms with no plants have 50% more colonies of airborne microbes that an room which has plants.

In line with these studies, here are a list of 15 plants which has the greatest level of air purification:

  1. Areca Palm

  2. Rhapis Palm

  3. Bamboo Palm

  4. Boston Fern

  5. Rubber Plant

  6. Janet Craig

  7. English Ivy

  8. Date Palm Tree

  9. Ficus Alii

  10. Peace Lily

  11. Aloe Vera

  12. Spider Plants

  13. Chrysantemum

  14. Philodendron Scandens

  15. Senseviera

Of course, maintenance of these plants are essential to maximize their potential in air purification. NASA researchers advise that there should be a six inch plant for every 100 sq feet of interior living space.

For further explanations on this please go to here.

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