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Residential Plants Rental

We are offering Residential Indoor Plants Rental Service.


We will assist in selecting, locating, placing, and maintaining your plants – for any need, any space of your home. We are here to help you to beautify the home of yours.


Our service starts with selecting the plants that will thrive in home interiors. Next, we place them in the optimal locations. Then our Plant Nurturer visit your home every fortnightly to service each plant. We shoulder the responsibility to keep every plant as healthy as can be. If any plant begins to lose its vitality, we replace it at no added charge.


Our service also includes Flowering Plants, and Floral Arrangement. However, the replacement at no added charge does not apply to these items.


We are offering 35% Introductory Discount for the period of Nov - Dec 2020! Do give us a call to discuss further.