KHS Asia

"We started to use the service of O2Plants when our EVP wanted orchids to be placed in his office - the orchid plants and the technicians who came by fortnightly have shown tremendous TLC towards the plant and have taught me a thing or two about orchids.

Now we are using the services of O2Plants with supply of plants for our office and thanks to the good and knowledgeable service of Mr. Ramdali, who has recommended us the types of plants for our office.

Ramdali's prompt response to get the plants changed when we noticed that certain areas of the office could not take certain plants.

Again the technicians have shown their TLC and credit to a certain Technicain, who I have noticed was very patient with one of your orally handicap Technician as he patiently signed to him how the job should be done.

Cuedos to a good Team!"

Ms Judy,
KHS Asia